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Regional prostitutes are guilty in traffic jams.2010-01-26 13:09:51
Management of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Moscow Region the main harm, stirring to adjust normal functioning of roads situated near Moscow, considers street prostitutes which the causing kind and behaviour disturb to motorists сканцитрироватьс€ on car management.To read further -->
Moldavian prostitutes go abroad. What for and why? 2010-01-25 11:20:37
British The Times has published article-research of journalist David Ustava in which he tries to explain that so pulls prostitutes from the Eastern Europe on the West. Conclusions of research of the British are interesting enough. We bring to your attention this original report:To read further -->
Maria Kozhevnikova has finished badly to the prostitute2010-01-22 10:24:20
The main actress of a serial "University" Maria Kozhevnikova left on a theatrical scene in image prostitutes . Before spectators they has appeared in underwear, a peignoir and with red hair. Under the scenario in To read further -->
Greek prostitutes ask licences for opening of brothels2010-01-21 10:37:30
Tens Greek prostitutes , hiding persons by means of a scarf or a hood, have spent protest action in the centre of the Greek capital, demanding to grant licences for opening of intimate salons and public on all territory ofTo read further -->
English sirs prefer prostitutes 2010-01-20 10:30:54
As show the data of Medical Association from Humber, the majority of representatives of a strong half of mankind use prostitutes and till 35 years do not marry. Scientists have collected data on the concluded marriages for last decade. During work it was To read further -->
Prostitution in Imperial Russia. prostitutes on 50 copecks.2010-01-19 10:37:53
Brothels in imperial Russia shared on three categories. In the first hour of love joys cost from 3 to 5 roubles. Night Ч from 10 to 25 roubles. In houses of the second category Ч 1Ц2 and 2Ц5 roubles accordingly. Students, officials, younger officers and people of liberal To read further -->
Why men go to prostitutes ?2010-01-18 11:28:28
What motives go also what them pushes what motives with the men buying sek-services for money in in bed to prostitutes ? One known foreign edition tries to understand this problem, leaning against the data of the international To read further -->
Prostitutes without contraception 2010-01-15 11:53:29
In brothels prostitutes have appeared without condoms, experts from the Center under the control over venereal diseases in the State of Alabama have told. At the next spot-check in lascivious places, experts have revealed more thousand prostitutes which had atTo read further -->
In a brothel of Las Vegas men prostitutes are required.2010-01-14 10:43:58
One of the oldest brothels in vicinities of Las Vegas has started to accept on consideration of the demand from men - prostitutes . The institution is called Shady Lady Ranch, and in it, until recently, worked only 4 prostitutes . Now, To read further -->
Innovations in the domestic sex industry. 2010-01-13 10:46:58
Crisis has sensitively struck on the market of sexual services. But prostitutes do not surrender: not to lose clientele, they show ingenuity miracles! The more, the more difficult In the end of the last year capital prostitutes have pleased Muscovites and visitors of capital with an advertising course: we trust! The people were pulled again to known addresses. But the credit technology has appeared unprofitable: many unfair clients simply threw fine кредиторш. And then prostitutes have solved: it is necessary to take money upon, but - with discounts! As the initiator the massazhno-erotic salon that is in the centre of Moscow has acted. In an institution reception electronic scales on which it was offered to be weighed to each client have been established. Now the tariff of payment of sex services directly depends from kg of the client. - All is logical, - the manager of salon speaks. - the more hard the client, the more loading on the partner. Especially when the prostitute from below. Or we take erotic massage: at the corpulent man sensitivity as at an elephant - try press through such fat! Besides at stout men and with hormones a blank. To excite such, it is necessary long and to work diligently, and thin almost always itself it is already ready on all! More shortly, excess weight is a whole bouquet of sexual problems which should be solved to our fairies of love. And fee should be corresponding. Control weighing - You raise the tariff to proportionally weight? - Well you, it will frighten off last clients! We have decided to operate on the contrary Ц to lower cost of services. To men, to 80 kg, discounts are given. From calculation of 2 % for kg of live weight. 70 kg weigh - pay on 20 % more cheaply. Ours the habitue clients are grateful Ц except caresses, it for them also real stimulus to dump weight!


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