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Prostitutes without contraception 2010-01-15 11:53:29
In brothels prostitutes have appeared without condoms, experts from the Center under the control over venereal diseases in the State of Alabama have told. At the next spot-check in lascivious places, experts have revealed more thousand prostitutes which had atTo read further -->
In a brothel of Las Vegas men prostitutes are required.2010-01-14 10:43:58
One of the oldest brothels in vicinities of Las Vegas has started to accept on consideration of the demand from men - prostitutes . The institution is called Shady Lady Ranch, and in it, until recently, worked only 4 prostitutes . Now, To read further -->
Innovations in the domestic sex industry. 2010-01-13 10:46:58
Crisis has sensitively struck on the market of sexual services. But prostitutes do not surrender: not to lose clientele, they show ingenuity miracles! The more, the more difficult In the end of the last year capital prostitutes have pleased Muscovites and visitors of capital with an advertising course: we trust! The people were pulled again to known addresses. But the credit technology has appeared unprofitable: many unfair clients simply threw fine кредиторш. And then prostitutes have solved: it is necessary to take money upon, but - with discounts! As the initiator the massazhno-erotic salon that is in the centre of Moscow has acted. In an institution reception electronic scales on which it was offered to be weighed to each client have been established. Now the tariff of payment of sex services directly depends from kg of the client. - All is logical, - the manager of salon speaks. - the more hard the client, the more loading on the partner. Especially when the prostitute from below. Or we take erotic massage: at the corpulent man sensitivity as at an elephant - try press through such fat! Besides at stout men and with hormones a blank. To excite such, it is necessary long and to work diligently, and thin almost always itself it is already ready on all! More shortly, excess weight is a whole bouquet of sexual problems which should be solved to our fairies of love. And fee should be corresponding. Control weighing - You raise the tariff to proportionally weight? - Well you, it will frighten off last clients! We have decided to operate on the contrary – to lower cost of services. To men, to 80 kg, discounts are given. From calculation of 2 % for kg of live weight. 70 kg weigh - pay on 20 % more cheaply. Ours the habitue clients are grateful – except caresses, it for them also real stimulus to dump weight!
Robots-prostitutes - the competitor to real prostitutes.2010-01-12 10:35:07
Within the limits of a New Year's exhibition of consumer electronics which is spent in Las Vegas, it is presented a lot of interesting gadjets. This traditional action can be called this time an exhibition of robots. The most interesting exhibit - Robot Sex Roxxxy. To read further -->
Sex scandalous politicians. The top ten2010-01-11 10:43:36
1. The ex-president of Israel Moshe Katsav - It the serial tyrant and the pervert, at it a dual personality. Bill Clinton in comparison with Katsavom - the puritan. I worked with the president two years and have repeatedly endured sexual mockeries. I trusted court, but now I understand that me have neglected to please to the mighty of this world, - its former secretaryTo read further -->
Prostitutes will equate to workers2010-01-08 14:19:47
About 97 % of the man's population of France and Italy want, that work prostitutes has been equal to work of workers, that is erected in a rank of official work. About it tells interrogation more than 300 thousand loveful Frenchmen and Italians which was spent by scientists from Paris and Milan.To read further -->
Prostitutes in Kiev earn $1 million a day2010-01-06 19:35:14
The sex industry in Kiev has turned to the big and profitable business which is supported by money of foreigners and is supervised by militia. Daily on city streets there are some thousand prostitutes .To read further -->
Why men cannot live without prostitutes?2010-01-05 11:49:06
Why men are ready to pay for sex? First of all they do not want long burdensome relations, courtings, ulamivanei, demanding expenses etc. To read further -->
Israeli Lutsenko named Ukraine the main supplier prostitutes 2010-01-04 10:43:20
The Minister of Internal Affairs of Israel Eli Ishaj has opposed cancellations of a visa regime with Ukraine, having declared that from this country to Israel arrive all prostitutes . To read further -->
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