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Sporadic prostitution what is it?2016-08-04 19:36:36
Prostitution evolved from the profession flows in a part time job as additional income to the main job. At the moment only in Moscow and Moscow region about 200 thousand of these ladies. These data derive professional research. This they claim was affected by the crises. The global economic crisis (2008), 2 - crisis in Russia, beginning in 2014-2015, the growth of unemployment in the country, made a contribution to growth in the number of girls providing escort services. So what is this term - "the occasional prostitute" is ...To read further -->
In Germany, new laws for the prostitutes to take effect.2016-07-23 18:00:56
In Germany, entered into force a new law on prostitution, clarifying and regulating the rights and responsibilities of direct prostitutes and their clients. Under the new rules, workers of the oldest profession for at least 1 time per year will have to be tested in clinical examination, and once in 2 years - re-register. Owners of establishments are required to obtain a special license to conduct business. With all of this in more stringent demands imposed on the premises of brothels - such as living area and work should be separate.To read further -->
Artists and Prostitutes: the role of prostitution in the arts.2016-06-29 19:59:03
In past centuries prostitution has been an important part of everyday life. Prostitki been an integral part of everyday life in Paris in the late XIX century. This is important for understanding the art of the time, and along with all subsequent artistic movements. To read further -->
In the US, the teacher was suspended from his job for the problem of prostitutes2016-06-24 19:11:01
A secondary school teacher in the United States suspended from work because of the math test, the questions which were related to drugs and prostitution. One of the questions proposed by the students of the eighth grade middle school Cranford Burns in Alabama, was: "Dwyane - pimp, he has three prostitutes .To read further -->
STAR "Game of Thrones" was a prostitute2016-06-09 15:09:28
The actress Josephine Gillan in the series "Game of Thrones" a small role: she plays the red-haired courtesan Marey. At the same time Josephine confessed that if it were not famous mnogoseriyka, she would be engaged in prostitution, and in real life. Moreover, the actress was actually prostitute before approval for the role ...To read further -->
Dior apologized for South Korea's "prostitute"2016-06-06 19:31:16
French fashion house Christian Dior has removed one of the photographs created for exhibition in South Korea. We are talking about the picture, which depicts a woman with a signature bag. She stands on the empty street with the signs of hostess bars and room salons institutions in the country are associated with prostitution.To read further -->
Prostitutes in Ukraine can become donors.2016-05-17 16:28:07
As it became known, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a plan of action, which is part of the National Strategy and is aimed at changes in the sphere of human rights, to be undertaken over the next four years. Accordingly, it is intended to lift the ban on voluntary blood donation for prostitutes and people with addiction, while a potential donor previously belonging to one of these groups was a strict contraindication. For the lifting of the ban is proposed to make the necessary changes to the respective Ministry of Health of the country's documents, in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers plans to be implemented by the second quarter 2016.To read further -->
With The Great Victory Day!2016-05-07 20:00:05
Please accept my sincere congratulations with the great Victory Day! In the great day of memory day of victory I want to congratulate all and especially the main heroes of the occasion the veterans. To thank them for their feats, for the lives given in the name of saving the country. Wish you good health, prosperity, material prosperity, long years. All the peaceful sky over your head.To read further -->
An employee of the Central Bank of the Netherlands was a prostitute2016-05-02 15:39:07
In the center of scandal was a high-ranking employee of the Dutch bank, which led the activities in the field of financial services management. As it turned out, in addition to working at the bank for as many as six women are erotic services in the form of Nazi matron Conchita van der Waal, preferring the most dissolute customers...To read further -->
With the may 1 holiday - a real holiday of spring and labor!2016-04-29 18:49:32
Sincerely glad to congratulate you all on a wonderful holiday on May 1, with this wonderful labor Day! I sincerely want to wish peace and prosperity. Let the work is not heavy duty, but the greatest reward, joy and happiness. Let him appreciate. Let the money and gratitude are falling on You like a spring rain often and heavily. Let may, bright and warm, such a happy and Sunny be always with You. Always let You have all what you can enjoy.To read further -->


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